Slaves to the Algo: Data culture is just as important as organization culture | Janardhan Cadambi, Mastercar‪d

Published February 23, 2021   |   

Data culture is as important as organization culture. But the question remains… how does an organization create it? Who leads it? And why is it important? Janardhan Cadambi (Jana) from Mastercard explains why data standards and principles are just as important, if not more so, than organization culture today.  Jana and Suresh also deep dive into concepts in data philanthropy, and how data can, and should be leveraged for the greater good. Personal data is now an emotional asset. Consumers demand and expect transparency in the way companies handle their data.

Jana talks about how companies can build a competitive advantage around data privacy and security by being ethical about it. One question remains for consumers. As a consumer, how much do YOU know about how companies like Google and Facebook use YOUR data? And how much should you really care?

Listen to this episode to hear Jana and Suresh talk about:
1. The importance of data principles, data governance standards and data ethics
2. Why companies should build and sustain a “data culture” to avoid pitfalls and traps
3. Personal data as a valuable emotional asset
4. Whether or not consumers understand how their data is used and how permissions are modified
5. Being wary about the biases present even in data-driven insights and decisions
6. The role of consumer trust in a company’s success, no matter its size

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