Slaves to the Algo: Democratizing entity resolution | Jeff Jonas, Senzin‪g‬

Published February 23, 2021   |   

Facebook claims to have 2.7 billion monthly active users. But how many of them are ‘synthetic’ (aka fake) profiles? In this episode, we are joined by Jeff Jonas, wizard of big data and founder and CEO of Senzing. Jeff has spent his life dedicated to one thing – entity resolution. The art and science of disambiguating entities.

He talks about the intricacies of entity resolution and how it detects people running around with multiple identities. He deep dives into privacy issues surrounding his line of work. He also talks about how he’s helped in resolving voter registration duplicates in past US elections: a topic that is extremely relevant in today’s climate. Jeff delves into the concept of ‘data finding data’ and the way it shapes the algorithms used in Senzing’s AI.

Listen to this episode to hear Jeff and Suresh talk about:
1. The art and science of entity resolution and why it is important
2. How algorithms can build and reinforce biases
3. Creating generalized context computing systems to adapt to changes in data in the future
4. The importance of AI’s needing “common sense”
5. The challenges that large-scale networks face in entity resolution
6. Establishing a standard for identity databases using entity resolution

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