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Team Crayon Data
Does the first sight of data make you think it looks complicated? You’re not alone! As the world becomes increasingly data driven, consumers and enterprises are inundated with data.  Through the day, across platforms. After a certain point, this becomes overwhelming, often resulting in decision paralysis.
Daniel Kahneman says, “When faced with a difficult question, we often end up answering an easier one instead, without noticing the substitution.” This is the biggest pitfall of data. We infer the right answers, but for the wrong questions. Data can be opaque, difficult to handle and tough to scale. In fact, the impact of many data-points on the bottom line may not be understood without the right context.

One-size-fits all marketing can be a vicious cycle.

Enterprises invest heavily to create every campaign. But a lack of relevance results in little traction. Their ads mostly land on blind spots of the internet or in spam folders. The cost of such campaigns is unjustified and burns a hole in the budget.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Steve Jobs famously said, “Customers don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” On the contrary, customers know exactly what they don’t want. Customers are #Adlergic. They don’t want enterprises lurking around the internet, hijacking screens with advertisements. Some customers even go out of their way to avoid companies that heavily advertise to them. To avoid this, enterprises should build meaningful engagement with their users.

Bridge the gap between discovery and delivery with Engage Studio.

Engage Studio creates non-intrusive, relevant, and personalized engagement for millions of customers. All at once, one at a time. Enterprises can now curate and deliver personalized campaigns on any channel. The studio creates a conscious, cohesive, and unified cross-channel engagement for their customers. These campaigns can be personalized to every customer. By intelligently slicing and dicing the data, the studio helps users to understand the potential of every campaign even before scheduling.

 Engage AI

maya.ai’s Engage AI is a scheduling assistant that helps enterprise users unlock data from siloed systems. It strategically leverages this data to influence the customer journey. By automatically and intelligently curating campaigns, it also allows the user to query requirements, such as objectives and target segments. Enterprises can create micro-moments and show up for their customers at the right time. It uses non-PII transactional and behavioral data to match these inputs with the right audience, building personalized campaigns. These campaigns can be:
  • Weekly
  • Event or theme or category-based, or,
  • Objective driven.
Engage AI curates more than 15 campaigns at any time, making it the perfect tool to engage and scale. All the while keeping in mind your customers’ preferences and context.

Campaigns Hub

Campaigns Hub provides a bird’s eye view of the engagement schedule. It allows the user to see the pipeline of campaigns which are ongoing, have been scheduled, completed, or in drafts. It helps enterprises monitor the campaign, learn through real-time feedback and tweak on the go wherever necessary.

Results Map

Most enterprises suffer from a data overload. They are unable to infer or measure the impact of their campaigns. This information overload is caused by unstructured data or seemingly irrelevant information. The Results Map section of the Engage Studio breaks down complex data into actionable decision points. It helps the user evaluate performances of past campaigns and measure them across the overall portfolio. In other words, it gives the user a focused evaluation on the impact of a single campaign on the portfolio. While allowing them to pull back and evaluate the performance of various campaigns. maya.ai helps enterprises #ReduceWastage by reducing operational costs/effort to significantly decrease the time-to-value. Ready to talk about Engage Studio yet? Share your details below, and one of our personalization experts will get in touch!
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