Slaves to the Algo: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next electricity | Tim Kobe, Eight In‪c‬

Published February 23, 2021   |   

We’ve all heard of the age-old adage of the right vs the left brain. In this episode, Tim Kobe, legendary architect and founder of Eight Inc and often referred to as “Apple’s Best Kept Secret,” talks about a revolutionary new hybrid model. There is no real dichotomy between the two halves, and we should use our entire brain in thinking and shaping customer experiences. Similarly, Tim talks about how data and design should not be seen as separate disciplines. He shares a 3-layer model of how to approach human-centered design and value creation: and the core of it is to ensure there is a human outcome.

Data privacy and security have become some of the biggest considerations in any business strategy. Tim Kobe and Suresh discuss how data is now an emotional asset. Does a brand have my best interests at heart? Do they care about my data security and privacy? Will they sell me out to advertisers? These are all questions consumers have when choosing to support any brand today. He also talks about how the most successful brands are the ones that can communicate their value, and much of it lies in their integrity and ability to build trust with their customers. Tim likens AI to the ‘next electricity’ – where much of the things that will have the biggest impact on our lives haven’t been invented yet.

Listen to this episode to hear Tim and Suresh talk about:
1. Apple’s approach to big data and technology under Steve Jobs
2. Tim Cook’s reinforcement of Apple’s relationship between data and customer outcomes
3. Companies that marry data and design to deliver new customer experiences
4. The challenges that retailers who refuse to adapt will face in the coming decade
5. How trust in brands will become a critical differentiator for consumers
6. AI as the “next electricity”

About Slaves to the Algo

Whether we know it or not, like it or not, our lives have been taken over by algorithms. Join two-time entrepreneur and AI evangelist Suresh Shankar, as he talks to leading experts in various fields to understand how they are using or being used by algorithms in their personal and professional lives. Each episode highlights how businesses can leverage the power of data in their strategy to stay relevant in this new age of AI. Slaves to the Algo is brought to you by Crayon Data, a Singapore-based AI and big-data startup.

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