Slaves to the Algo: How humans shape algorithms with our cognitive biases | Ian Myles, area 51 (Part 2‪)‬

Published February 23, 2021   |   

Ian Myles of area 51 talks about human cognitive biases, how they affect the way we program algorithms and their unintended consequences. He uses his experience in industrial design, technology, fintech and education to discuss the future of explainable AI (ex-AI) – where mandates are being put in place to ensure that companies are accountable for their use of AI. Ian and Suresh discuss about new AI use cases of in education, healthcare and medicine and hiring practices (human resources).

Listen to this episode to hear Ian and Suresh talk about:
1. Feeding our own biases into AI
2. Cultural differences and the use of AI in hiring practices across industries
3. Developing mobile wallets
4. The future of big tech companies

About Slaves to the Algo

Whether we know it or not, like it or not, our lives have been taken over by algorithms. Join two-time entrepreneur and AI evangelist Suresh Shankar, as he talks to leading experts in various fields to understand how they are using or being used by algorithms in their personal and professional lives. Each episode highlights how businesses can leverage the power of data in their strategy to stay relevant in this new age of AI. Slaves to the Algo is brought to you by Crayon Data, a Singappre-based AI and big-data startup.

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