Marry internal enterprise data with external data
Company Vision

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Welcome to Crayon Data, where we solve complex problems with simple data and AI solutions

Our raison d’etre

Ideas and opinions need to be backed by tangible data.
Crayon aspires to make the data that permeates the world around us simple and easy to understand
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We believe that data is meant to serve the human spirit, not rule it

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We do this by making it simple for everyone to see, touch and use the information that will make a difference to our lives

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We create solutions that use data and AI to illuminate and simplify every aspect of your existence

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We handle data.
With art. With heart

Our Crayon arrow logo is inspired by tangrams – the enduring Chinese puzzle involves just 7 precise pieces that have hundreds of different solutions. Just like data. The answers to everything in the universe are in the bytes of data we collect, that reveal different insights, through different combinations



Artful solutions from precise science
And the complex made simple