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The AI platform
accelerating revenue flywheels

Unlock the value of enterprise data and enable customer engagement at an individual level

Enterprises are facing three tectonic shifts

With Data and AI at the core of this confluence
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Changing consumer expectations

71% of consumers expect personalization. Buying choices are increasingly made based on relevance of a product to their needs


Customer time and attention are the most precious assets. Personalization on an individual level has shown a 5-15% uptick in revenue and a 30% increase in customer engagement

Disruptive business models

For example, in the case of banking, the rise of Super Apps is putting pressure on revenue and market share


Up to 30% of traditional bank revenues could disappear over the next two decades due to increased competition

Modern tech and intelligent data

Enterprises need a full tech stack that will combine internal and external data to give a 360-degree customer view


Key components include AI recommendation engines, seamless customer experience, and access to the right merchants and products

Clean enterprise transaction data enriched with attributes can unlock value within weeks. We’re talking
  • 20% increase on customer spending
  • 15-20% improvement in sales conversion rate
Yet, less than 0.5% of all transaction data is ever analyzed takes a holistic approach to solve this problem


Our full-stack platform unlocks the value of data to drive revenue flywheels’s modular tech stack provides four key capabilities that allow enterprises to launch relevant digital experiences out-of-the-box


These are designed to be flexibly deployed
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Data foundation to drive AI use cases
icon visoin ecosystem
Marketplace Ecosystem to connect customers and merchants
icon visoin recommendation
AI Recommendation engine to drive relevancy
icon visoin superior
Superior Customer Experience to drive engagement

One platform, multiple use cases, versatile solutions

  • Enable financial product recommendations
  • Launch a lifestyle marketplace
  • Launch and boost digital wallet growth
  • Deliver personalized travel itineraries

Enable financial product recommendations

Launch a lifestyle marketplace

Launch and boost digital wallet growth

Launch digital wallet within months

Deliver personalized travel itineraries

Travel itineraries