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With hundreds of digital wallets in the market, how can you stand out from the pack?

Enterprises are investing heavily in digital payments, but struggle to reap the rewards. With the lack of differentiation, customer engagement is poor, and monetization is a challenge

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Imagine if you could Carry the World in Your Wallet: Seamless, Secure Payments.’s magic makes it that simple!

Why Crayon Data?

Whether you're a new player looking to go-to-market, or a payments veteran seeking a new winning edge, Crayon Data’s AI-native payments platform can help you launch and scale your solution.
Fully scalable, high performance, AI-ready data platform that grows with your business
Features & Capabilities
Modular and feature-rich platform for building customer, merchant, and agent applications
AI-First, Rich Insights & Analytics
Build AI-ready use cases to accelerate decision-making and cost optimization
Tailor the branding, user experience, and localization to align perfectly with your brand identity
Ready Integrations
Plug & play integrations with solution partners and regional providers

Why for Payments?

Success Stories

How Crayon Data Has Helped Fintechs Drive Adoption and Scale

Revolutionizing Finance: Powering Myanmar's Largest Bank with an Award-Winning Digital Wallet
Revolutionizing Saudi Arabia's Smart City: A Futuristic Digital Wallet Unveiled
Driving Financial Inclusion: Empowering a Digital Bank in Tanzania with Innovative Apps 

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