The Future of AI
What does the future of AI look like, and how can we capitalize on the opportunities it will create?

Imagine a world where AI augments human creativity, and empowers us to live and work with unparalleled efficiency and intuition

Sounds like a pipe dream? In reality, that future is not too far off.
In the past decade alone, AI technology has improved by leaps and bounds. AI is beginning to surpass human benchmarks for language and image recognition.

The industry is only set to enjoy more explosive growth, with a market size projection of $1.8 trillion by 2030.

So how can enterprises position themselves effectively to ride the waves of change, while mitigating any risks?

Here’s what we think the Future might look like

(P.S, with over 10 years of experience in AI and Big Data, we think we’re pretty confident)


Customers will become AI natives fast. And they will walk away from businesses that do not give them AI-native experiences. Cumbersome multi-click digital journeys will become a relic of the past.

We have a whole new generation growing up on the likes of Tiktok and ChatGPT. Just like how the Internet and iPhones changed the world, the digital age is due for a new paradigm shift.


Employees will be more discerning, as well as highly skilled. They will not want to work with companies that do not make it easy for them to do more with less, and make them less productive than they can be.

Here’s where enterprises come in

Enterprises have major advantages in an AI-first world…

Unparallelled access and ownership of priceless, private data sets, not available to publicly sourced foundation models
Foundation data sets do not have the required fidelity for enterprise grade solutions
Foundation models are not geared to solve enterprise grade problems
Regulatory concerns that slow down/ inhibit global players (unlikely that states will allow them the same free hand they did in digital)

…but also face major risks

Enterprises are held to higher standards for compliance, data security, and privacy etc
Enterprises stand to lose more from hallucinatory AI, whether legal or monetary

Enterprises will hence try to repeat their ‘digital immigrant’ model.

Apply AI to existing processes
Integrate AI into existing product offerings
Set up parallel AI teams or acquire AI-native companies

What if an enterprise could transform every feature to an AI-first experience?

And do so by

Leveraging their private data + domain expertise
While addressing their compliance and security concerns

Imagine if

Every set of digital clicks to complete an action is mapped to a set of algorithm-ised journeys. Every journey reduced to one click.
Every typical human question that considers various scenarios, is answered in a series of state-aware multi-modal conversations.
Every answer combines the best of both the external and internal worlds of data

No more dashboards. No more clicks. Just a highly relevant conversation.

Humanised AI.

For customers. For employees. For CxOs.
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