Empowering the Digital Payments Revolution

Key Challenges in

Digital Payments~
Unable to fully utilize data to increase product penetration, improve experience, detect fraud etc
Fragmented view of the customer and untapped upsell / cross-sell opportunities
Poor margins and little to no interchange fee
Little differentiation from competitors
One-size-fits-all customer experiences and broken journeys
Unable to give merchants real-time analytics on nearby customers’s modular magic for Digital Payments

Go-to-Market rapidly with a winning launch strategy
Set your business up for success with a fully scalable, feature-rich and AI-ready platform that grows with your needs
Ensure relevance with a deep understanding of local markets and solution integration
Drive engagement and spends with an in-app marketplace to offer higher margin, value-add services

Success Stories

How Crayon Data Has Helped Fintechs Transform Their Digital Payments Business

Revolutionizing Finance: Powering Myanmar's Largest Bank with an Award-Winning Digital Wallet
Revolutionizing Saudi Arabia's Smart City: A Futuristic Digital Wallet Unveiled
Driving Financial Inclusion: Empowering a Digital Bank in Tanzania with Innovative Apps 

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