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With enterprises sitting on a goldmine of data, how can you get the most out of your data investments?


Introducing for Data Management

Imagine if you could Make Your Data Work for You.’s magic makes it that simple!

Why Crayon Data?

Crayon Data’s AI-native data platform is designed to simplify data management for businesses of any size or vertical. Transform raw data into gold!


Fully scalable, high performance, AI-ready data lakehouse that grows with your business
Data Storage
Eliminate data silos with a unified data lakehouse that improves data lineage tracking and governance
Data Ingestion
Seamlessly ingest and integrate data from various sources into a single platform for easy access
Data Processing
Turn lead into gold. Extract, clean, and transform data at scale with powerful AI / ML workflows
Data Enrichment
Leverage near-unlimited external data to enhance your data quality and robustness. Flexible consumption model ensures you pay only for what you use

Why for Data Management?

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