Revolutionizing Finance: Powering Myanmar's Largest Bank with an Award-Winning Digital Wallet
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The challenge

In the shadows of limited banking accessibility, Myanmar posed a unique challenge in 2018.

With less than 40% of adults holding bank accounts and minimal branch and ATM infrastructure, the mission was clear: extend financial services beyond physical branches and into the hands of every citizen.

magic of

Crayon embarked on a transformative journey, delivering an end-to-end solution:

The results

The impact was nothing short of extraordinary. This groundbreaking initiative not only facilitated unprecedented financial accessibility but also positioned the bank as a pioneer in digital innovation, earning accolades for its award-winning digital wallet.
9.5 M
Customers onboarded
~310 K
Partners and merchants onboarded
800 M
Transactions processed
2.4 B USD (per month)
Value generated
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