How Big Data Influences Design

Published May 6, 2014   |   
Tracey Wallace

Big data is influencing every aspect of our lives, both on and offline. On Friday, May 2, Umbel joined IBM, along with Peter Kim, to talk about how the big data revolution is affecting design. In the 30 minute talk, held monthly by IBM’s David Pittman, we touched on how companies can use data to inform design, customer experience and restructure the world around us.

Check out the real-time chat below, with Umbel’s breakdown of each question following the video. How Can Companies Use Data to Inform Their Design and Business Models?

Data needs good design to be useful. We aren’t all data scientists. We don’t all know how to mine for the answers. Some of us are still learning how to even ask the right questions – much less how to find the answers in a bunch of 1s and 0s. Great data visualization is necessary, then, to help people connect dots across seemingly unconnected segments of their customers. The platform you choose will determine how useful data is to your business model as a whole.

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