How Hollywood is reshaping Big Data visualization

Published May 12, 2014   |   
Ryan Cox

Hollywood storytelling is reshaping the world Big Data. We’ve heard plenty about Big Data changing business, but here is an interesting angle on how the Hollywood business is reshaping Big Data. One great example comes by way of Tableau, the data visualization platform. They have been stocking up on film industry veterans to reach their goal of storytelling with data, starting with Pat Hanrahan. He’s one of Tableau’s three co-founders, and one of the founding employees of Pixar. Hanrahan just won his third Academy Award this year. Adding to this all star lineup, Tableau recently hired a couple of smart people from Lucasfilm.

Dave Story, the former Lucasfilm CTO, recently joined Tableau’s Menlo Park office as VP of Mobile and Strategic Growth. Story was a Tableau customer during his time at Lucasfilm, and a friend of Hanrahan’s during their time in the computer animation industry. In his role at Tableau, Story will be applying his background in animation and film technology to guide Tableau’s mobile analytics and data storytelling efforts.

We recently sat down with Story to hear more about Hollywood’s influence in reshaping the Big Data industry.

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