Knowing Your Customers Too Well Might Be Hurting Your Business

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Published April 30, 2014   |   
Jayson DeMers

Data-driven marketing has become incredibly powerful for businesses large and small. That’s undeniable. Whether you’re automatically sending marketing emails based on previous clicks, or you’re using dynamic remarketing in PPC to follow your website visitors around the web, personalizing the online experience based on “big data” is arguably the most advanced marketing strategy available today.

But what if your precise targeting and personalization go too far?

When used unwisely, big data-driven marketing tactics can turn customers off (or worse, creep them out), and might hurt your bottom line instead of helping it. The worst part is that you may not even know when it’s happening.

People generally like to assume a certain level of privacy on the web. Even if we don’t make a conscious decision to remain anonymous, we typically like to keep our online activity to ourselves, at least until we voluntarily choose to reveal our identities.

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