Marry internal enterprise data with external data
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Full-stack, flexible components to fast track your revenue flywheel 

Unlock the value of data. Become a Super App, faster and better

Four components for maximum revenue acceleration offers key ingredients that enable superior customer engagement at an individual level. Deploy seamlessly, in whichever order you need
  • Data-as-a-Service
  • Recommendation-as-a-Service
  • Customer Experience-as-a-Service
  • Marketplace-as-a-Service


Data-as-a-Service offers a 360° view of your customer supports enterprise decision making. Get access to proprietary external data.
And enrich your enterprise’s internal data


Data foundation to drive AI use cases can
  1. Ingest multiple data types
  2. Create new, derived feeds based on real-time data processing
  3. Handle everything from low latency to high throughput use cases
  4. Standardize data formats for better processing
  5. Provide proprietary entity resolution algorithms


Recommendation-as-a-Service offers relevant, personalized opportunities’s proprietary TasteGraph™ and patented algos give your customers the best personalized recommendations for their lifestyle. While staying GDPR compliant and without using PII


Recommendation as a Service


  1. Profile, engage, and drive transactions with an ensemble of 50+ algos and our lineup of studios
  2. Taste Studio | Identify relevant recommendations based on customer’s taste
  3. Commerce Studio | Optimize recommendations for context (location, day, etc.)
  4. Engage Studio | Showcase recommendations on your enterprises’ digital assets

Customer Experience-as-a-Service

Customer Experience-as-a-Service offers relevant, seamless, intuitive digital experiences’s white-labeled web apps/widgets can keep your customers engaged. Create dynamic experiences that shift seamlessly, in real time, based on user interaction


Customer Experience as a Service


With, you can create
  1. Unique storefronts for each customer
  2. Consistent omnichannel experience across devices
  3. Sections configured on promoted products and offers


Marketplace-as-a-Service offers access to relevant products, offers, and merchants’s plug-and-play merchant ecosystem makes marketplaces easy to implement


Marketplace as a Service


  1. Create a one-stop personalized shop that caters to each customer’s lifestyle
  2. Use your existing enterprise platform to seamlessly fulfil customers’ needs
  3. Get products, offers from multiple merchant partners, aggregators, and affiliate networks
  4. Drive customer engagement with an inventory of lifestyle offers, consumer banking products, and relevant merchants
Prioritize revenue

Prioritize revenue acceleration
where you need it the most

With’s modular concept, address the bottlenecks in your customer engagement strategy. Start with the streams that require the most attention. Then incorporate the rest