Experience: Improve mobile experience

Engage customers with personalized experiences on mobile apps

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The hurdle

Most enterprises today employ segment level targeting on mobile app experiences. While it is a good starting point, it is not enough to win loyalty

The maya.ai solution

With maya.ai, enterprises can deliver AI-led personalized recommendations on mobile apps based on customer’s tastes and preferences. The experience can be delivered either on a mobile responsive browser or API integration on a mobile app or by building a mobile app from scratch. End users can
  • View personalized recommendations based on preferences
  • View reasoning for the recommendation
  • View similar recommendations for a given recommendation
  • View local based recommendations
  • Search for merchants/offers based on keywords/attributes
  • Like/dislike recommendations
  • See real-time changes to recommendations based on interaction
  • Add to wish list, share, and claim recommendations

Customer proof

usecase icon customer proof

For a Leading Islamic Bank in the Middle East and for India’s Largest Credit Card Issuer

25% improvement

in click through rate on offers