Customer Lifecycle : Engage Customers

Improve portfolio performance in the dining category

usecase hurdle

The hurdle

Bank’s dining portfolios often see low engagement. They need to identify their customers’ dining tastes to improve recommendations

The solution

Using proprietary algorithms, can predict customer dining tastes based on several parameters and tags including

  • Type of restaurants the customer visits: premium vs fast food
  • Preferred cuisine type: North Indian, Chinese or Italian
  • Frequency of transactions on dining: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, occasionally
  • Time: weekdays, weekends or holidays
  • Location: online, dine out, city


Customer proof

usecase icon customer proof

For a leading bank in India

1.1 Mn customers

Identified as premium diners who only use their cards occasionally for dining

~130Mn USD opportunity sized

for incremental revenue

4% to 8% spike

in dining spends if these customers were incentivized