Customer Lifecycle: Engage Customers

Match customers to the right credit cards to optimize spends

usecase hurdle

The hurdle

Banks are not sure if their customers have the right type of credit cards. Card types are distributed based on salary bands, but not customer preferences. This does not incentivize customers to spend

The solution

With, banks can

  • Analyze and understand the taste profile of customers
  • Match the right card to the right customer based on their tastes, and their specific usage patterns
  • Precisely map this to card features, instead of salary band
  • Enable customers to draw maximum benefits with this level of card optimization

Customer proof

usecase icon customer proof

For a leading bank in India

20% customers

Identified with high affinity to healthcare and education services; could be upgraded to a new card type


120 to 240Mn USD opportunity

sized to increase spends by upgrading 20% of cards