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The hurdle

To get the most value from any data/analytics tool, enterprises must curate the data in the right format. They then make inferences based on the data, build a business case, implement a change and measure the impact. This is a time-consuming process

The maya.ai solution

With maya.ai, 80% of this work is automated and presented in an easy-to-use format. Enterprises can
  • View customer 360 across demographics, product usage, behavior, inferred needs, preferences after ingesting data from multiple sources and enriching them
  • Get a list of recommended merchants, products, partners that will drive transactions, spends
  • Consume recommendations across enterprise channels like visualization platform, concierge application, CRM or white label web/mobile apps, widgets
  • Launch campaigns/landing pages to show customers the recommended offers, products
  • Onboard partners that are relevant to your enterprise and enable them to monetize their inventory by distributing it to relevant customers within the enterprise

Customer proof

usecase icon customer proof

For a Leading Islamic Bank and a Leading Global Card Issuer in the Middle East, and India’s Largest Credit Card Issuer

2 weeks to 10 minutes

Campaign curation time reduced

5 days to 5 minutes

Time to identify relevant offer merchants reduced