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Unlock the door to
30 Mn customers worldwide’s marketplace ecosystem connects merchants to relevant customers. Engage card and digital wallet users, drive engagement and boost sales

With’s marketplace, merchants get access to

digital wallet users

card users across APAC and ME

annual spend

Join 2500+ merchants across USA, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain

The marketplace edge for merchants

Marketplace drive qualified 1

Drive qualified traffic to your storefront

Recommends your brand and offers to customers who we know will love you. With our patented TasteGraph™, a unique map of global tastes with billions of data. And machine learning algorithms that mirror consumer taste

Marketplace pay 1

Pay only when a customer
transacts with you

Cut down large budgets on digital ads that don’t bring in the right customers to your store. Start spending smart. Only pay a fee when a customer shops with you. Now, you’ll have a return on every transaction

Marketplace ground 1
Hit the ground running with
next-to-zero effort

Access new channels with ease using our plug-and-play platform. A fuss-free start to your personalization journey

How it works

Customer journey
Merchant journey
icon howitworks discover
Hyper-personalized, logical, location-based lists for each customer. Recommendations based on TasteMatch scores and Tasteprints
icon howitworks access
Attractive coupons and cashback offers.
All available products and offers from
a merchant, displayed on one page
icon howitworks purchase
Easy access CTAs for customers to claim the offer and complete fulfilment. Redeem offline discounts on-the-go
icon howitworks identify
Identify where the opportunities lie for your inventories. Or let’s algorithms do the work. Get accurate opportunity estimates. With a breakdown of customer profiles
icon howitworks connect
Discover the best time and context for optimal engagement with the right demographic. Plug into your enterprises’ digital assets to access relevant traffic via’s APIs
icon howitworks fulfill
Drive quality traffic to encourage transactions. Simplify offer fulfilment with one-click mechanisms. Track transactions on every dollar spent and earned

With incredible insights into customer demographics, merchants can identify every opportunity with confidence. Additionally, they can

  • View all offers, manage, edit and review them with ease in one centralized hub
  • Improve campaign performance with dynamic offer creation that refreshes in real-time
  • Create relatable experiences for customers with omnichannel offer recommendations
  • View past sales trends and ongoing campaign revenue
  • Streamline decision making by analyzing brand, product and offer performance

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