Smart Cars and Big Data: Automotive Analytical Concerns

Published March 20, 2014   |   
Liz Alton

At the launch of the German auto industry event CeBit, Volkswagen’s chairman Martin Winterkorn stated, “The car must not become a data monster. I clearly say yes to Big Data, yes to greater security and convenience, but no to paternalism and Big Brother.” The English translations of the remarks go on to highlight that Winterkorn calls for a commitment across the automotive industry to protect the privacy of consumers. Here’s a closer look at how smart car technology is evolving and how big data may soon be taking consumers data on the road.

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) identified four core steps to digitizing any environment:

– Replacing analog technology with the digital versions

– Embedding digital technology strategically in the physical environment

– Improving and deepening cross-device communications links

– Curating the intelligence behind digital systems

These concepts can be applied directly to understanding the smart car technology system, from enhancing performance through digital technology to providing a more engaging driving experience. Specific developments are leading the way in how the automotive industry puts these principles into practice. Each of these has direct privacy considerations, as Winterkorn highlights.

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