Why your kids will want to be data scientists

Published June 2, 2014   |   
John Phillips

In the days of yore parents pushed their children to pursue noble lucrative professions – doctor, lawyer, banker – but as times change they may soon encourage another career path: data scientist.

Big data is being billed as the next big thing – the key to gaining a competitive advantage and increasing profitability for companies both big and small. The increasing importance of data analysis in decision making has boosted demand for employees with analytical skill sets, popularizing career paths that lead to big data jobs.

“As the demand for employees with quantitative and analytical skills increases you’re seeing more quants (data professionals) being placed in key decision-making roles,” said Linda Burtch, founder and managing director of Burtch Works, a U.S.-based executive recruitment agency for quantitative business professionals.

“They’re being hired to drive the core profitability of the business,” she told CNBC.

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