‘चलो StartUp’ – Episode 1: DON’T STRESS. STARTUP KARO!

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Published January 19, 2018   |   

‘चलो StartUp’is a 10-episode video series that present inspiring lessons and start-up stories on how to be a successful entrepreneur & jobs creator in India.
Why am I doing this?
When I re-engaged with startups as a mentor & angel investor in late 2016 after a 2-year gap, I was flooded with requests. I realised that most of them had similar questions and concerns. The 10 videos will hopefully provide answers to the most common questions usually asked. What business to start? Do it alone or with partners? How easy or difficult is it? Is language, gender or education a barrier? Is funding necessary? Can technology help?
Episode.1 DON’T STRESS. STARTUP KARO! – How to turn your dream into StartUp success
Sujit Panigrahi saw China top the medals tally in 2008 Olympics. His passion made him a sports entrepreneur. He was determined to make India a sporty, fit nation
Sujit’s startup Fitness365 (http://fitness365.me/) has taken over sports & physical education at schools, and completely professionalized it. Over 1 lac school kids will get detailed physical fitness report cards this year. His aim is 1 crore children. He has struggled to get here, but his passion is finally tasting success.
Passion is main reason why people become entrepreneurs (“Felt restless. Wanted to do something different or big”)
Have a dream? Don’t waste it. STARTUP KARO!