Top 10 Indian Data Scientists you should know

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Published September 8, 2015   |   

Education: Applied Mathematics, University of Maryland College Park
Expertise: HPC, Statistical Techniques, Machine Learning, Data Mining
Vertical: Government
DJ Patil is one of the top global leaders of data science, who co-coined the term ‘data scientist’. He is the co-author of HBR article ‘Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st century.’ The White House recently appointed DJ Patil as the first Chief Data Scientist.
2_Prabir Sen
Education: Masters in Economics and Econometrics; ISI
Expertise: Game theoretic market design, behavioral economics, and machine learning
Vertical: Government
Prabir Sen spearheaded various initiatives in data sciences in the US for 16 years. He is a faculty member of the Singapore University of Technology and Design affiliated to MIT. Singapore government recently hired him as its first Chief Data Scientist.
3_Shashi Godbole
Education: Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay
Expertise: Predictive Analytics, data algorithm, R, Python with Scikit-Learn, SAS
Vertical: Varied
Mumbai-based data scientist, Shashi Godbole is a product of IIT Bombay. The Do-it-yourself data wizard is a regular contestant on various competitions on, a US-based crowdsourcing platform. He solved business challenges in many areas, predicted the auction sale price for a bulldozer, developed an algorithm that used patients records to prevent unnecessary hospitalization.
4_Sarabjot S Anand
Education: Ph.D. in Data Mining, Machine Learning, University of Ulster
Expertise: Data Mining, Developing algorithm, Machine Learning
Vertical: Human Resourcing
Sorabjot S Anand is a self-confessed data geek with over two decades of experience in data mining. He co-founded Algorithmic Insights. In 1999, he founded MINEit Software along with his colleagues at the University of Ulster and it won European IST Grand Prize for innovation.
5_Vikas Agrawal
Education: IIT, Delhi; Post-Doc from California Institute of Technology.
Expertise: AI, Mathematical Modeling, Statistical Design and Process Control
Vertical: Information Technology
Vikas Agrawal is a senior data science fellow who is currently the Senior Principal Data Scientist for Business Intelligence Apps at Oracle. Vikas did his post doctoral research fellowship from California Institute of Technology. His works include defining Big Data Analytics as a Service effort for Infosys’ Cloud & Big Data growth initiative, cognitive computing based creation of intelligent virtual personal assistants.
Education: BE; Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode
Expertise: Data Mining, R, Python, Alphine Data Labs, Omniture, SQL, Greenplum
Vertical: Information Technology
Kiran R is a data science and analytics expert who was amongst top 10 players on Kaggle in 2013 and half of 2014 worldwide. The holder of 3 US patents, Kiran is also a recipient of 2012 Innovator of the Year award from Micheal Dell. He won KDD (global data mining competition) in 2014.
7_Ravi Vijayaraghavan
Education: IIT, Madras; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Expertise: Mathematical modeling, numerical computing, Design of Experiments, Predictive Analytics
Vertical: eCommerce
Ravi Vijayaraghavan is the VP and Head-Analytics at Ravi has a record of building class analytics and data sciences organizations. He has built/managed data science team in Large Fortune 500 companies & Silicon Valley startups.
8_Navin Manaswi
Education: IIT Kanpur
Expertise: Data Mining, Machine Learning, R, Hadoop stack
Vertical: Information Technology
Navin Manaswi is an expert with statistics, applied mathematics, and computer science knowledge. Data mining, machine learning, and Big data are his fortes. His biggest passion is making sense of dirty big data and making a useful prediction.
9_Natwar Mall
Education: IIT-Bombay; IIM- Calcutta
Expertise: Predictive Analytics & modeling, statistical modeling, data mining, big data
Vertical: Consumer goods
Natwar Mall is an IIT, IIM alumnus, who is currently the SVP & Head – Fractal Sciences, at Fractal Analytics. He worked with Infosys Consulting Unilever and Kotak Securities before. 10+ years of experience in delivering analytical solutions across customer analytics, pricing analytics, marketing ROI and supply chain. Instrumental in building a data science team at Fractal.
10_Sreenivasa Sista
Education: Masters in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Expertise: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval (SOLR)
Vertical: eCommerce
A Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with experience in research and product development, Sreenivasa Sistan specializes in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), a nd Information Retrieval. Working on CTR prediction using regression techniques.
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