Top 10 most innovative AI companies that are changing healthcare market

Published November 26, 2018   |   

Artificial intelligence is playing a prominent role in the healthcare industry. From wearable technologies that can monitor heartrate and the number of calories you’ve burnt. To apps that combat stress and anxiety. The number of advances that AI pioneers have made in the healthcare industry is nothing short of spectacular. Are you wondering who are the innovators and creators behind the technology that is vastly changing the medical industry? Well, here are the top ten companies that are using their advanced technology to make a positive difference in healthcare.

Google Deepmind Health

Google is obviously one of the most renowned AI companies in the world. The AI division of the company is focusing more on applying artificial intelligence models to advance healthcare. These new models are capable of evaluating patient data and forming diagnoses. Google believes that their technology will be able to develop entirely new diagnostic procedures in the near future.

Bio Beats

Bio Beats is a leading app developer that specializes in improving patient well-being. Their apps focus on dealing with stress, which has a debilitating effect on health.

Bio Beats uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to better understand the factors that contribute to stress and the steps that people need to take to mitigate it. Their app is programmed to help people develop better resilience to stress, which will help them improve their long-term health. The app offers a variety of features, which include helping promote better sleep, encouraging more physical activity and conducting a regular assessment of your mood.


Jvion has a similar approach to Bio Beats. It is a company that focuses on improving long-term physical health by addressing stress and other cognitive factors.

According to their website, the Jvion Machine has been used to help over two million patients. While the machine uses artificial intelligence to identify physical risk factors that were previously undetected, the majority of risk factors are cognitive. The technology used to run this machine has found interesting correlations between various psychological factors and physical ailments. One 54-year-old man was suffering from deep vein thrombosis. He was at risk of exacerbating the problem to become an embolism. Fortunately, the machine was able to identify the Socioeconomic problems that were contributing to his disease. The doctors were able to develop a customized treatment plant to help save him.


Lumiata is a company that offers a unique cost and return analytics technology that is used to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of healthcare. While most other cutting-edge AI companies focus on developing AI models to improve the effectiveness of healthcare diagnostics, this company focuses on the financial side of the equation.

Lumiata is a relatively new company, but it is already making a splash in artificial intelligence-based health care. They secured $11 million in funding from several prominent investors this summer. The company is expected to get even more funding in the future as a growing number of investors see opportunities to use deep learning to improve healthcare analytics. This should significantly change the economic models behind the healthcare industry.


Managing diabetes can be incredibly frustrating and complex. The biggest problem is that every diabetic patient’s needs are different. They have to account for gender, weight and metabolic factors. Their diet also plays a key role in their diabetes management plan.

DreaMed is a new company that has found new ways to improve the delivery of diabetes management services. It uses carefully tracked biometrics a data to help develop a custom treatment plan for every patient.


Healint is a company that focuses on helping patients manage chronic diseases. Their technology uses a wide range of data sources, which include information from mobile phones, wearable fitness devices, and patient records. This technology is able to provide some of the timeliest healthcare services available.


Arterys is one of the most sophisticated AI solutions for medical imaging. This technology leverages cloud technology to perform some other fastest medical computations imaginable. The medical imaging analytics platform is known for its unprecedented speed and quality of imaging.


Atomwise is helping pharmaceutical companies make breakthroughs in rolling out new drugs. They have already helped companies find a number of new drugs much more quickly.

The company is forming partnerships with other leading healthcare organizations to use AI to improve healthcare models. Last month, Atomwise entered into a relationship with Pfizer. A few months ago, they sponsored a new project that is helping over 100 academic institutes around the world to develop better data.

Health Fidelity

Processing payments is a key aspect of any healthcare system. Unfortunately, some healthcare payments involve a higher level of risk than others. Health Fidelity uses data to help mitigate the risks of taking these types of payments. is one of the most cutting-edge data-driven solutions to improving mental health. They keep track of different patient inputs to establish causal links between various mental health issues and create custom patient plans.