Top 17 white papers on Data Science

Published June 23, 2014   |   
Baiju NT

Check out our list of 17 White Papers on Data Science! You can download them by clicking on the links. If we have missed any, please feel free to add.
1. Building Data Science Teams by DJ Patil (2011)
2. Next-Gen Data Scientists by Dr. Rachel Schutt (2013)
3. Keep Your Data Science Efforts from Derailing by Sean Murphy and Marck Vaisman (2013)
4. What is Data Science? by Mike Loukides (2010)
5. Introduction to Bayesian Networks for Research and Analytics by Stefan Conrady and Dr. Lionel Jouffe (2013)
6. Disruptive Data Science: The eight-Fold Path of Data Science by Kaushik. Das (2013)
7. Applied Data Science by Yhat (2014)
8. Disruptive Data Science: Transforming Your Company into a Data Science-Driven Enterprise by Annika Jimenez (2013)
9. Insight Data Science Fellows Program
10. Standing up a Data Science Group
11. Driver analysis and product optimization using Bayesian networks by Stefan Conrady and Dr. Lionel Jouffe
12. National Consortium for Data Science by Stanley C. Ahalt, Ph.D
13. From Data Scientist to Data Artist by Jim Sterne
14. Data Science Revealed: A Data-Driven Glimpse into the Burgeoning New Field
15. Why Enterprise Data Warehouse Projects Fail, and What to do About it
16. Data to Discovery: Genomes to Health by Stanley C. Ahalt, PhD
17. Using Data Science to Reduce Employee Turnover