Top 20 questions you should always ask a Data Scientist

Published September 15, 2014   |   

We all have our doubts about data and data scientists seem to know all the answers. These are the questions you should ask if you ever find a data scientist and trigger a good conversation.
1. What is the biggest data set that you processed, and how did you process it, what were the results?
2. What does a data scientist need the most?
3. Does a Data Scientist need to be better at statistics than a software engineer and better at software engineering than a statistician?
4. How do you handle missing data? What imputation techniques do you recommend?
5. How would you come up with a solution to identify plagiarism?
6. What is the curse of big data?
7. What do you think makes a good data scientist?
8. What will you say the “best practices” in data science.
9. What are your top 5 predictions for the next 20 years?
10. What/when is the latest data mining book / article you read?
11. What are your favourite data science websites?
12. Who do you admire most in the data science community, and why?
13. Which company do you admire most?
14. In your opinion, what is data science? Machine learning? Data mining?
15. What’s the best interview question anyone has ever asked you?
16. How to Think Like a Data Scientist?
17. What in your career are you most proud of so far?
18. What publications, websites, blogs, conferences and/or books do you read/attend that are helpful to your work?
19. Any words of wisdom for Data Science students or practitioners starting out?
20. What are the biggest areas of opportunity / questions you would like to tackle?