3 mobile video conference apps to help team productivity

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Published November 17, 2020   |   

Remote work is becoming more common, and companies need to find ways to maintain face-to-face contact, so the business still operates, and work gets done. Through video conferencing apps, companies can start hosting remote online meetings with their teams. Benefits of video conferencing include:

  • Team members less likely to multitask on a video
  • Seeing a real face makes a genuine connection
  • It’s easier to get you to point across on the video
  • It makes it easier to complete tasks

Many companies are taking advantage of the video conferencing software and using it for everything. The rise of new video conferencing has helped improve business productivity and team collaboration.

Video conferencing is becoming a mainstream method of communication for businesses of any size that want to communicate with their team from any location.  There are advantages and disadvantages to all technology, but video conferencing is overtaking the traditional phone call.

Video conferencing is helping businesses in more ways than traditional teleconferencing can. This is especially true during a time that meeting people in person cannot happen, and more and more team members work remotely from home.

What is Video Conferencing?

Video conferring is the name referred to when conducting a video meeting by communication technologies that allow for two or more people in different locations to communicate at the same time through audio and video transmission. It is easy to host a video conference by using video conferencing apps and devices such as a smartphone or computer with webcam, speakers, and a fast internet connection.

Video conferencing is live streaming involving visual connections between two or more people who live in separate locations for communication. Video conferencing provides the transmission of static images between two places. It also ensures transmission of full video images and high-quality audio between multiple locations, through desktop video conferencing.

How Video Conferencing Works

Video conferencing processes can separate into two parts: transfer and compression. During compression, a person’s webcam and microphone will capture analog AV input. Data and information collected in the form of continuous waves of frequencies and amplitudes represent captured colors, sounds, brightness, shades, and depth during the phase for transferring, digitally compressed data sent through the digital network to the receiving computer. However, video conferencing adds the ability to hear and see participants, which gives participants more engagement. Below are three mobile video conferencing apps to help with team productivity:


Zoom claims to be the app that makes video conferencing easy to use. It has flawless HD video conferencing, and other perks such as mobile or desktop screen sharing, integrated audio, content sharing, and a scheduling display. There are even different views to choose from. Zoom has unique “zoom rooms,” that include huddle rooms, executive offices, training rooms, and conference rooms with whiteboards and collaborative touch screens. Zoom ranges in price from free to $49.


GoToMeeting is suitable for comfortable online meetings. GoToMeeting is specially designed with business in mind, allowing your teams to benefit from HD quality, screen sharing, and personalized meeting URLs. There is a whiteboard feature that allows for participants to highlight the presenter’s screen and send out recordings to those who aren’t able to attend. There is a free mobile app. You can use the app to start a meeting from your Apple, Android, or Windows devices and even existing content from an iPad. GoToMeeting makes meetings on the go very easy. Pricing for the GoToMeeting app ranges from $19 to $49.


Slack is known as one of the best and most feature-rich software for improving team communication. Slack, also has added video conferencing from its desktop version. Slack is really making its mark in its convenience when just one click starts up a video call. You are not able to share screens, but the app makes up for it with great features for helping with keeping your team organized and productive. Slack offers users emoji features that show reactions during the video call, which keeps everyone involved. Slack is priced reasonably at $8 per month.

Final Thoughts

The procedure of using video conferencing is becoming more popular in business. It will continue to grow because of its benefits to companies, including the amount of money it can save. Video conferencing technology cuts travel costs, connects you to your mobile workers, aids in telecommuting. You can also organize more meetings, personalize your conference, display new products, and learn and teach online. Video conferencing is becoming especially important for businesses because it helps with joining with your remote team face to face. Video conferencing also benefits companies with their ability to keep your remote team engaged, organized, and productive. For businesses, it can increase productivity and interactions amongst employees, colleagues, and clients and improves ways of communication.

Video conferencing is gaining popularity over traditional phone calls for business and will continue to benefit companies, especially during these uncertain times. With the enhancement of technology, there are man video conferencing apps that companies small, medium, or large can afford. There is video conferencing technology out there to benefit your business at a cost-effective price.

With more team members working remotely, you need excellent functioning video conferencing apps. The apps listed above help with fostering collaboration, improving productivity, and helping your company function more smoothly.