Top 3 ways marketing can increase revenue from Big Data

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Published March 6, 2014   |   
Glenn Gow

How can marketing departments leverage big data to help their organizations increase revenue? Quite simply, by preparing sales to lead with buyer’s concerns rather than waiting for the buyers to ask questions. Big data systems use new mathematical models to quickly extract and deliver usable business information from the ocean of data that’s created every second. The insights garnered from this data can help your company identify buyer concerns and structure your value propositions around those concerns.

Big data can be used to create value propositions for the buyer that benefit the bottom line. For example:

For their very popular MMG Halo 4, Microsoft was able to process tens of thousands of real-time statistics to support an online tournament. The information gathered enabled the company to create popular Halo 4 updates that are delivered weekly and a daily email campaign to increase player retention.

American Airlines was able to identify key social media influencers from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to offer them one-day passes to the airline’s Admiral’s Club in an attempt to boost club membership.

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