4 booming job domains to pursue in 2021

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Published January 21, 2021   |   

Ever since the lockdowns due to the Covid-19, we’ve all increasingly depend on digital technology. Apart from being forced to evolve as societies and individuals, we prepared ourselves to cope and prepare for the future. Cutting-edge technologies didn’t just surface due to coronavirus. They’ve been reshaping the corporate world and dominating the business world before the pandemic. Now, with all the remote work and increased screen time, even individuals not too fond of technology had to get in the game to stay relevant and survive the crisis.

The crisis forced many businesses in different industries to take drastic steps like cutting their workforce and paychecks just to stay afloat. However, amidst all these, cybersecurity, IoT, cloud computing, and data-related domains continued to see steady growth and increase in demand. Why? Well, this may be because these domains are resilient to crisis. Until the pandemic crisis, only a small group of enthusiastic people cared about these domains, but many people took an interest in them because of their relevance. So here is a list of booming job domains now and in the future.

Cloud Computing

Cloud services and technologies gained a lot of popularity in 2020. Due to remote work, organizations had to deploy cloud-based applications (e.g., SaaS) to ensure uninterrupted access to servers and data. Services like Slack and Zoom ensured we were able to move on with our professional functions seamlessly. Cloud technologies made data access and data storage easier for employees. Not even just at the organizational level, individuals as well use cloud-based platforms now more than ever. With the rapid adoption of cloud computing, there is a growing demand for cloud professionals like cloud engineers, cloud security experts, and cloud architects, to name just a few.

Cyber Security

No doubt, the global lockdown enforced to curb the spread of Covid-19 increased remote access to core professional functions and dependency on mobile devices. Yes, working remotely saved the day, but it only raised many concerns regarding cyber-attacks and loss of crucial data from devices and systems. The sudden reliance on digital services and platforms has left many businesses open to attacks, breaches, and malicious attempts.

However, businesses have become aware of this and are now more concerned about their security and privacy – making sure everything is secured and encrypted. Most companies upskill or train their IT professionals and staff to become cyber security experts, capable of preventing attacks and breaches and warding them off. When it comes to growth, the cyber security space has increased exponentially.

Data-Related Domains

Before the pandemic, data had already gained massive importance in the IT space. During the crisis, there was a sharp upsurge in the dependency of businesses and organizations on data. The corporate world is hugely dependent on data, and organizations are searching for ways to capture, store and gain useful business insights. Consumer orientation and behaviour have skewed towards digitization, which only means that businesses have the power to make quick and smart decisions to satisfy consumers with the vast amount of data generated.

More than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated each day, according to Social Media Today. Hence, organizations are always on the lookout for data analysts, data scientists, and professionals in the big data world to process these data sets for good use.

The Internet of Things

IoT is a collective term for devices that can be operated and connected through the internet. IoT application is not just limited to the IT industry. Due to the pandemic, other sectors like production and manufacturing also employed IoT in their operations. To become resilient to future crises, improve the efficiency of processes, and even reduce cost, businesses are now steadily and increasingly adopting IoT in their activities. IoT possibilities are endless, as it’s a confluence of different modern techs such as cloud computing, hardware, machine learning, etc., working together. Iot will reshape the future of work to add value to consumers through insights.

Bottom Line

A lot of businesses are still trying to shake off the damages caused by Covid-19 and come back strong. However, as we have pointed out above, the domains listed above have shown resilience against the dip in the economy. There are many avenues to get skilled in these areas to build successful careers in these booming job domains.