4 must-have artificial intelligence tools for businesses today

Published August 25, 2019   |   

When we talk about AI, we think on the lines of a dark dystopian technology that will take over the human race and make us do its bidding. Let’s be realistic since its inception in 1956 AI has made significant inroads towards the collective development regarding how a human mind receives and processes information today.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence in its essence is a replica of the human mind. Which is dedicated to solving a certain set of problems at a very fast pace. This technology has the power to process complex algorithms by incorporating Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Which means AI systems can process large amounts of information at any given moment and can also improve itself to provide even more logical solutions with the advent of time.

This data-driven improvement makes AI technology far more independent compared to other types of technologies employed in the world today.

AI in the corporate world

Artificial intelligence has the ability to take cognitive action which makes it a support for human intelligence and decision making. It not only assists users with its fast processing power but also presents certain call to actions related to the field in which the AI performs. With a wider array of decision making ability makes AI technology a high value asset in any emerging industry.

Artificial Intelligence today is assisting users from the smallest decisions such as schedule management to full production automation and database management. Based on these functions, one might think that the incorporation of AI in businesses today would be a costly and a formidable task but this is not the case.

The tech industry today have been able to provide cost-effective AI solutions that are helping small enterprises compete effectively with the captains of industry.

So if you are a startup and contemplating the idea that a large investment will amp your AI game, which might not be the case. Here are some cost effective AI tools one might want to keep close by to help manage and streamline day-to-day business activities.

HubSpot Content Tool

This content and SEO tool lets content masters generate writing ideas. The tool works on AI technology that empowers the writer to build and track content marketing strategies. This app has the ability to analyze different content based on keywords and comes up with new ideas that create successful content marketing techniques.

This app is designed to build authority in search engines and in the eyes of the reader alike. Through this app, content managers can easily manage their pillar content, cluster content and hyperlinking tasks.

Pillar content is similar to the landing page and defines the core content of an enterprise. The cluster content are the blogs and other content types that can be linked to the pillar page.

Through this app, users can also keep track of hyperlinks that would help increase the visibility of the content. Furthermore, it can effectively make the user navigate through a plethora of options that can make your content stand out even more in the competition.

Legal Robot

It becomes very difficult for startups to go through the cost of hiring legal aid to understand the fundamentals of agreements. However, the AI technology through this app helps the user comprehend legitimate language and organizes the legal procedures behind any business move or process.

By the incorporation of machine learning, this app can analyze thousands of legal documents and procedures. And present the simplest legal strategy which can guide the user to build up legal knowledge. Legal Robot uses a legal language model to suggest the best practices, point of concern in legal documents and the risk involved where legal aid is required to pursue a business expansion opportunity.

By analyzing legal data, this app gives users the option to explore business contracts in an easy, understandable language. This app has taken law firms by storm as it performs error checks in contracts, evaluates contracts against different standards. And helps one collaborate with other legal professionals through tough negotiations.


Have you ever faced a situation where the tone of your email or a conversation has backfired? Here is where Crystal comes in. The app uses thousands of data points to create unique profiles about people that the business interacts with on a daily basis. Through Crystal, business managers can create psyche profiles of internal employees. This helps in assessing the motivation and stress levels of entities involved with the business.

The AI in this app can further make it easy to assign tasks to employees. The ones who have the mindset and the skillset required. This psychological profiling helps determine the tone, phrases, and language. In order to get maximum employee attention.

Crystal also helps organizations to create a specific pool of consumers based on their interaction and buying patterns. The application places judgments on algorithmic data generated through the online activities of users. In doing so, organizations can easily use targeted marketing strategies to keep consumers loyal towards the organization.


Without set targets and pricing updates, any Salesforce team seems stranded. Troops.AI acts as a slack bot that brings the sales team on one page by giving accurate forecasting. It lets the user use Salesforce directly from Slack and creates actionable CRM Workflows. This AI application can bring the most important CRM tasks to the sales team. So that they can see what actions they need to take, in order to generate more sales.

It analyses data. Such as over dues, closing dates, deals that aren’t progressing, and hot inbound leads that the teams need to cater to. All of this information is transformed into actionable workflows. Which assist the sales teams to do what they exactly need to do in a fraction of time.

Troops.AI gives the ability to the organization to have fewer data run around and improves forecasting with faster response times. This way there is transparency across the sales team and the targets are clearly defined.