Top 5 best choices of Business Management software

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Published February 10, 2015   |   

Whether the company you are running is large or small, it is essential that you stay on top of your day-to-day responsibilities. The right software can play an important role in boosting efficiency in the workplace. We have done the hard work comparing the different platforms out there and have chosen the five best business management softwares for you. These are listed below in no particular order.


As an all-in-one corporate software suite, Wintac provides business owners with a range of features for service companies. These include:
– Scheduled dispatch reviews
– Customer relationship management
– Work history tracking
– Invoicing, billing & purchasing
– Fleet and maintenance management
This software is also compatible with Microsoft Office, QuickBooks and TomTom ensuring you can retain the same setup as before. The interface is incredibly intuitive with a gradual learning curve. Wintac also provides year-round tech support for added maintenance and troubleshooting capabilities.


Jobber looks after four business management areas: CRM, invoicing, scheduling and team management. Its benefits for company owners include:
– Tracking who is allocated to each job
– Invoicing clients in an accurate manner
– Syncing all bookkeeping and accounts
– Quickly producing corporate reports
– Paying employees quickly and securely
This is a mobile app which is compatible with iPhone and Android. It gives company owners access to a variety of important management functions whether they are at the office or conducting business elsewhere.


For those seeking a tool for quality assurance and issue tracking, QABook comes highly recommended. This software can look after your corporate projects and offers the following abilities:
– Defining requirements and creating tests
– Tracking defects in multiple environments
– Conducting field tests on and offline
– Creating reports on data collected
There are number of versions available to suit different sizes of business. Thus, is a test management product that tailors itself to your company, providing additional capabilities without unwanted frills or extras.


If you are seeking a way to manage your business through the cloud, WORK[etc] is a smart choice. This platform comes fully integrated and covers a number of different areas, including:
– Projects
– Billing
– Helpdesk
– Finance
– Marketing
– Reporting
This is an all-in-one solution which avoids the need to bounce back and forth between multiple programs on different devices. When installing this platform, you will be able to manage your projects, sales, accounting and much more through the single, user-friendly interface.


Our final business management software is mHelpDesk which markets itself as a ‘field service solution’. Made for computers, tablets and mobiles, this is a platform which comes with a variety of features including:
– Work orders
– Job tracking
– Staff invoicing
– Service dispatches
– Staff management
The program is suitable for a range of industries and can help users look after their companies through the one intuitive UI. It also allows easy access from multiple devices for added convenience.
With these programs, business management will be made especially easier. Cover everything from project tracking to staff payroll through the one, simple user interface while ensuring that your important information is kept accessible at all times.