5 podcasts that make learning Data Science and Analytics a lot more fun

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Published August 3, 2018   |   

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You don’t have time to read anymore. You’re too busy to attend short courses or take online classes. But you really want to learn about the tech and corporate world’s latest buzzwords – data science and analytics. For someone who isn’t a numbers geek or hasn’t studied the mysteries of Mathematics or statistics earlier, it’s pretty hard to grasp the basic concepts of data science on your own. So, what to do you do? Listen to podcasts of course!
I know, I know, nobody listens to podcasts anymore, right? Well, not quite.
The humble podcast is far from being forgotten! A surprisingly large number of people around the world, still continue to listen to podcasts. Or have listened to one at least once in their life. In the United States alone, nearly 26% of Americans listen to podcasts monthly. Which is a very significant number. In fact, many have admitted that podcasts are easily the most accessible and convenient way of learning different perspectives on a particular topic.
So, what are you waiting for? Grab the nearest pair of headphones and start listening! To kick you off, here are some of the best data science and analytics podcasts out there.
1. Data Skeptic is a great podcast for beginners and people with little to no background in data. Most episodes are set discussions between owner and founder Kyle Polich, and his wife Linh Da Tran, with the occasional interview thrown in. Topics range from basics of data science, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence to more advanced topics like critical thinking and the scientific method to evaluate the veracity of claims and efficacy of approaches. One of the best parts of the podcast is the use of great real-world examples. Making it easier to understand concepts and discussions. And the playful banter between husband and wife make it quirky and fun.
2. Data Stories first became an idea when data visualisation researcher, Enrico Bertini interviewed data visualisation freelancer, Moritz Stefaner for his blog. Realizing that there were no dedicated podcasts for data visualisation, the two decided to launch one of their own. Something they, and anyone interested in the field of data visualisation or anything relating to data, would like to listen to. Each episode is played out in the form of a discussion from two different perspectives – an academic and a designer. These discussions usually revolve around art, statistics and current affairs in the field of data and its visualisation.
3. Digital Analytics Power Hour has an interesting format. It’s run by three friends, Michael Helbling, Tim Wilson and Moe Kiss. And the trio strongly believes that the best conversations always happen over drinks. So, despite being in three different parts of the world, they meet up” on-air twice a month to drink, discuss and share their experiences in the field of data, business and digital analytics. The concept behind the podcast is to promote the idea of open forum discussions on closed topics, in the hopes that listeners take away something to try out on their own or at work the next day. It’s light, witty and deeply personal, which just adds to its charm.
4. Partially Derivative is described as a podcast with real character. It focuses on the data of the world around, and a platform for super data science nerds to basically geek out. Its episodes explore topics which delved into data science techniques, industry best practices, and latest trends and news in the field. Because of the light conversational tone of the podcast, it’s a great place for newbie data nerds to learn about the data science industry. Initially started as a project between three friends and data nerds – Jonathan Morgan, Vidya Spandana and Chris Albon, they aired their last episode in September of last year. Despite no longer updating new episodes, the podcast remains as one of the best data science podcasts of all time.
5. Present Beyond Measure is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Lea Pica, a digital analytics practitioner and presentation expert. It often features monologues by the host, interviews and the occasional video. And focuses on data analytics, presentation, and visualisation. The goal of the podcast is to provide guidance and insight on data visualisation tools and skills. It aims to be the one-stop shop for essential visualisation skills for digital marketers, analysts, and BI practitioners.