6 best tools for entrepreneurs to use for their data management

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Published January 19, 2019   |   

Today, a company can get ahead of their competition and succeed only if the basis of its strategy is on the relevant insights. And so, an enterprise owner should take the business of data management seriously. Of course, now there are a variety of advanced tools business owners can use to collect, store, integrate, protect and visualize valuable records. Let’s check a list of useful services, which are very popular among entrepreneurs all over the world.

1. Birst

Popular platforms, which seem to work perfectly for storing massive amounts of data, fail when it comes to fast data analysis. Birst’s developers overcame this problem and created a unique tool which allows working with huge databases at lightning speed.

This modern approach is effective for the transformation of the collected data into a comfortable analytic-ready format. Birst applied unique methods, which allows the system to cope with extreme load created by the thousands of concurrent users.

2. Oracle Data Integrator

Most of the companies, especially big ones, use multiple sources of data. So, they need a tool which can integrate several different datasets into one. Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) is one of the most widely used product which can solve this issue.

The tool can benefit an entrepreneur in numerous ways because it allows programming and tracking of all processes. It is compatible with popular platforms such as Teradata, Sybase IQ, IBM DB2. ODI helps incorporate changes quickly and easily, driving productivity of different business areas.

3. InterSystems IRIS

Entrepreneurs who care about the cybersecurity should choose InterSystem IRIS. It is a cloud-based platform, which incorporates the most effective solutions to protect corporate databases from malicious hacking.

This is an especially great option for firms who operate in healthcare, government and financial service industries. Basically, industries which have access to personal sensitive data of their customers and are forced to apply highly effective data-security measures. InterSystem IRIS provides integration, modeling, analytics, auditing, and other data management instruments in order to meet user-needs completely.

4. Agility Multichannel

This tool is kind of like a master data management software. Its specialty is what the company calls its “Product Management for Commerce”. It works great for the businesses, which are built around a product and require ongoing improvements. Entrepreneurs prefer the company’s Agility Multichannel, because of its comfy UI and superior capabilities in managing & integrating product-oriented data.

It also includes a strong customer support engine. The engine facilitates communication between a company and their clients. It helps get valuable feedback and enhances the entire business process-flow. However, it is worth mentioning that this tool has some peculiarities such as limited relationships with basic systems integrators. And this significantly shrinks an area of its application.

5. Sisense

This is a user-friendly analytics platform, which is famous for its outstanding visualization capabilities. It’s even suitable for entrepreneurs who have no experience in the creation of charts because of its simple drag and drop interface.

However, the biggest advantage of Sisense is its ability to work with the huge databases obtained from different sources. It helps to present sophisticated data into a simple and understandable form. And share the results with the team members via a dashboard.

6. Power BI

This is a data visualization tool by Microsoft, which provides companies with an opportunity to convert huge unstructured records into precise insights. An intuitive interface and high-speed data processing are the major advantages of this product.

Power BI is able to analyze data obtained from a few different sources in order to create catchy interactive dashboards or business reports. A user can share the insights with the team via cloud without any concerns about cybersecurity.

Final thoughts

A role of data management in the modern world is hard to overestimate because it helps entrepreneurs to make the right business decisions. There are a lot of tools available online, and sometimes it’s hard to understand which one to choose.

A successful entrepreneur should check the reviews page of the product online, to find the most suitable services for all areas of business: from the report writing help to data visualization. There is no one perfect data management platform on the market, which works great for any business because every company is unique and requires an exclusive solution.