Top 6 travel APIs to start prototyping your application right now

Published August 10, 2016   |   

Most developers would agree that APIs should just do their job and get out of the way. Being able to focus on the application at hand is key, especially when working on a potential innovation.


This is what we wanted to achieve with the Travel Innovation Sandbox. It’s a powerful tool, developed with the feedback of hundreds of developers around the world, which easily allows innovators to prototype and test the business value of their idea. Any developer can register and get instant access to real travel content.

Its API catalog includes all the content needed to create a basic travel application prototype. You can search for flights, hotels, cars, train and even get information on a given trip. Additionally, the Travel Innovation Sandbox now offers three new travel intelligence APIs, providing you with insights on trending destinations and flight traffic.

Here’s a quick round-up of all the APIs the Travel Innovation Sandbox offers and few examples of what you can build with them.

Flight APIs

The flight APIs allow you to find prices of flights from any given origin to any destination. One of the APIs doesn’t even require a destination while giving you the best prices for a variety of cities. It’s ideal for inspiration applications aimed at offering several options to the traveler.

The flight APIs also provide airport information. You can find the closest airport to a given location and even help the traveler auto-complete destination or origin forms in your application prototype. Check out the Travel Innovation Sandbox catalog to discover even more possibilities.

Hotel Shopping APIs

Similar to the flight APIs, the hotel shopping APIs allow you to return availability and price for accommodation at any given location. You can either search using an IATA airport or city code or actually define the search zone yourself. These APIs also allow you to get detailed information on any hotel, including address, amenities, awards, room, prices etc.

Cars Shopping APIs

The car shopping APIs provide you with a comprehensive way to search for a rental car. You can either search using IATA airport codes or define a geographical zone, making it the perfect way to enrich the traveler’s booking flow on your prototype.

Rail & Train APIs

The rail & train APIs allow you to find schedules, availability, and prices for trains in France at any given date. Adding Train to your flight and hotel booking application is a great way to create a fully integrated journey for the traveler.

Travel Record API

The travel record API returns the trip information for a given passenger name and reservation code. This API can do wonders when it comes to creating personal traveling assistants to guide passengers during their trip.

Travel Intelligence APIs

The new travel intelligence APIs allow you to access travel insights based on real data. They allow you to find out the most popular destinations people are searching and traveling to from a given origin. Similarly, the travel intelligence APIs allow you to check the traffic between two airports over time.

The key to creating the most value for your end-user is to combine data from several APIs. For example, Visit Europe used the traveller’s location and flight data to display prices on-the-fly. Likewise, Hotel Search Engine combines Open Street Map and hotel APIs to display accommodation availability and prices while the user navigates the map. But the best examples are the ones we create ourselves.

We’re working to offer new APIs in collaboration with our start-up partners to give our travel content a new twist. The success of the sandbox has also inspired us to work on an open APIs program for production and commercial use. So, stay tuned, more details are coming soon! If you’re looking to convert your API Postman collection to OpenAPI, check out API Transform.

Head over to the Travel Innovation Sandbox to get instant access to travel data and start prototyping your application, and test the business value of your idea. We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with!

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