7 hard to ignore reasons to take on data analytics as a career

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Published August 5, 2019   |   

If you are still wondering what is the best career move for you then you can choose data analytics as a career option. There are several reasons for it that you will find hard to ignore. If you are a believer in statistics then there is enough of it to encourage you as well. According to recent research, it is estimated that there are about 2.7 million job postings coming up in the US alone by the end of 2020.
This is because more and more companies are embracing data analytics. Especially as a source to analyze a large amount of data in order to gain valuable insights. And make better-informed decisions. As a data analytics specialist, you can uncover hidden patterns and spot better opportunities for them.

The reasons you should take it up

If you are thinking of taking data analytics as a career move then you are on the right track given the present scenario where every single branding agency NYC are having their hands full with projects that they need experts like you to handle.

#1 It’s easy to start and in demand

If you have the natural ability to find solutions then with the help of data analytics you can program better frameworks that include Java, C, or Python and breakthrough to a more dynamic solution. Your job will be easier and interesting and soon you will specialize in it to create a different niche for you and higher demand.
Not to mention that the profession in of analytics is high in demand which will make it easier to find an opening. This is considered to be the most wanted skill by almost 75% of the Internet of Things providers. However, more than 68% of them are finding it hard to find a suitable analyst that they can hire and their employee. Moreover, the scope of opportunities in this field will grow even more in the coming years.

#2 Lots of opportunities to explore

You will have your opportunity in multi-industry and domain such as Software AG, IBM, Oracle Corporation, Microsoft, SAP, HP, EMC, and Dell to name just a few of the popular brands that are interested in hiring analysts and have already invested more than $15 billion in Data Management Analytics. This has increased the demand for information management specialists.
What’s more, with the help of lots of popular analytics tools and techniques, you can combine your flair for math and stats in your career to enhance your skills in this specific area of applied statistics, real analysis, linear algebra, numerical analysis, as well as graph theory. If you have a degree in computer science, it will provide you with an edge to explore more into this wide and open world of data analytics.

#3 It pays well

If you are interested then be informed that you will have the most competitive salary as an analyst. According to research reports of 2017, three out of the top five technical jobs happened to be that of analytics with a median salary of about $122,000. If you work as a data manager you can earn about $109,000 and as a data engineer, your median salary will be to the tune of $105,000. These figures are far better than the other IT professionals. Good enough to inspire you?
And if you work for any B2B company especially you will even have the pleasure of being able to enhance the retailer-customer relationship as an added bonus apart from the high salary you will be paid for your services as a data analyst.

#4 Experience being in charge

You will have more authority in the company that you work for making the stakeholders find out what worked well and what did not. You will be the cynosure of the company as your analysis and solutions will help the organization to move forward making you an important part of the top-level management. You will also be the key decision making power for the company you work for and provide an added value to the organization. This will give you an edge over your competitors in case you want to make a switch in your job in the near or far future.

#5 Expand on your expertise

You will be able to hone your skills in all aspects of data analytics and eventually become an expert in all and specific domain campaign. If you master any particular language then you will be accountable for the whole delivery of domains eliminating the need for the company to purchase an expensive database from other external sources.
And since analytics is not confined to a single language or framework you will specialize in different languages that involve advanced statistical skills and programming ability. Over time, you will become an expert in Java, Ruby, Perl, C++, Julia, Scala, and MATLAB as well as eliminating the high costs of learning these programming languages through different institutions.

#6 Dabble in areas outside of what you know

Due to digitization, you will have enough growth opportunity and therefore you will not be restricted to a particular field as it is common with all other jobs. You can select an industry that suits best to your interest and choice.
You could also help out with branding. You will be able to work with some of the major and most recognized brand names which will also add a different mark in your resume. This will create a growth opportunity for you in the future.
You can also become a part of data podcast which ideally is a great place to explore and enhance your technical skills as well as your job opportunities. This will provide you with immense scope to increase your visibility among other brands and business owners since they visit podcast platforms regularly looking for better talents.

#7 Become a mentor

You will be noted and recognized while working for a company for your programming skills. With such skills, you can even apply for a post of a mentor which is even more paying.
You can even become a stakeholder if you can offer creative solutions with data visualization. This will allow you to earn even more money.
Therefore, with so many advantages and openings, it is now up to you as to which particular post you will apply for.