7 kinds of enterprises who will NOT choose Crayon’s choice engine (with 3 bonus ones!)

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Published July 13, 2015   |   

On the path to evangelising the concept of ‘Guided Choice’, Crayon Data has built its own choice engine Maya – in its quest to simplify the world’s choices.
As I made my way into the APAC market, to drive sales for Crayon, I was met with a fair amount of apprehension and scepticism (bordering on paranoia at times!) from enterprises. Not to mention, reactions of immense excitement at the chance of being at the forefront of a fantastic innovation.
What’s running through the minds of certain enterprises? Let’s find out!
1. I do not want to understand and appreciate each consumer for his/her individuality and risk facing a situation, where segmentation of customers may need to be discarded.
2. What will happen to my monthly generic offers and deals list that goes out to all and sundry? Why reach out to and engage with each consumer individually and with ideas unique to him?
3. It will put me in an uncomfortable position, where internal biases will be challenged by external data; if I were to go around mapping consumer behaviour in real life, outside the organisation.
4. The quick set up time of two months will jeopardise my multi-million dollar big hairy projects that should ideally, take years and years to conceptualise and build. How else will it add to my CV?
5. I don’t want to replace people with algorithms and amazing visuals. That would mean turning down the long line of PhD’s in Data Science, who are dying to join us and are parked outside our office.
6. A significant component of pricing is outcome based with monthly RoI calculations. That means we’ll have one more report to analyse.
7. It will change the world … just don’t start with mine.
8. If I use Crayon’s choice engine, my competition will get wiped out. I don’t want to be hauled up by the government for anti-freetrade practices
9. I don’t want to waste my consumers’ time. Today, they can blindly delete all my spam-like communication without wasting any time. The poor chaps will have to actually spend time reading my personalized messaging because its so relevant
10. What will happen to all those vendors who do my traditional CRM, loyalty, email marketing, etc. How can I sleep peacefully if they all go out of business?
So do you know any other kinds that will NOT like to colour the world with start-ups like Crayon? Share them with us, if you do!