8 Features of a True Enterprise-Grade Platform for Hadoop and NoSQL

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Published January 31, 2014   |   
Michele Nemschoff

Businesses have several options when looking for a Hadoop and NoSQL solution. The advantage of using the right enterprise-grade solution is that it can provide the dependability, ease-of-use, and speed required for real production use. Without these, you can’t deploy a system that is ready for your customers’ demands and service level agreements.
If your business requires an enterprise-ready, consistent big data solution, read on to learn more about what a true enterprise-grade Hadoop and NoSQL platform can – and should – offer.

1. Fast Recovery

Something in your cluster will inevitably fail, whether it’s a disk, server, or power supply. With some Hadoop distributions, a failed node can result in 30 minutes or more of downtime to reassign the region. A Hadoop distribution enhanced with enterprise capabilities, on the other hand, should recover instantly to eliminate costly downtime.
2. Minimize NoSQL Administration

Deploying a NoSQL database in Hadoop typically requires significant administrative overhead. System maintenance requires manual operations that require the cluster to be temporarily unavailable. An enterprise-grade platform eliminates the manual operations required by other platforms by automating administrative operations, especially with regard to self-tuning.

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