Under the influence: 40% of americans have purchased something seen on social media

Published October 14, 2020   |   

Social media is the new networking. We constantly find ourselves communicating with those on the screen sometimes more than those we meet in person. Even some would say they use social media to feel more connected with their community, or the world at scale. During this time where social distancing is becoming more and more of the norm, we look towards social media for more connectivity. Not to mention the social pressures that social media sparks.

While the majority of us only post the highlights of our lives on social media, this can spark bad thoughts, habits, and so much more. For instance, on social media, you may look like you’re rich and living your best life, but realistically you may be in debt and going through a tougher time than many think. From the new car purchase to when we graduate with our well-deserved degrees. What isn’t show is the hard work that was put in behind the scenes to earn those things. Yet, we find ourselves wanting to compete with what others have on the internet.

Whether you find yourself spending your rent money or too much of your savings to keep up with the social media norms, you may wonder when enough is enough. To combat your social media usage or spend more internationally, check out Mint’s infographic below.

Under the Influence: 40% of Americans Have Purchased Something Seen on Social Media