Are there four different types of Data Scientist?

Published September 13, 2014   |   
Matthew Reaney

Part of the field of predictive analytics has recently been thrust into the spotlight under a new name: Big Data. As specialist recruiters in this fast developing sector, we often fulfil an educational role with our clients – helping them define role requirements and understanding what sort of candidate would fit their business. However, we always come up against the same problem. There aren’t many quality Data Scientists out there who are available…..

For those in related sectors who are interested in a change, I will be writing two initial blogs to give you some more insight into this fascinating industry. This blog will focus on the four different types of Data Scientist – as defined in the fascinating “Analysing The Analysers” report (see below), and the next one will explore typical routes into the industry and the qualifications required.

Data Business people have their eyes firmly fixed on the bottom line. They are focused on the organizational aspects of Big Data and its wider impact on their business. They are most likely to have had team management experience, many may previously have been entrepreneurs, and they are often MBA grads. However, they still have significant technical skills, with engineering or related degrees. Apart from the management, they will still get involved in data analysis activities.

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