Are you planning to quit? Big Data knows it before you do

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Published January 11, 2015   |   

Are you planning to quit? Think twice before you actually quit, because Big Data already knows it and can inform your boss before you do it. How is that possible?
Workday, a company sells cloud-based HR and finance softwares, is in the final process of launching a new application “Workday Insight Applications“, which gives bosses insight beyond their own powers of perception by gathering data and sending notifications to management that an employee may be on their way out. The program is currently undergoing several months of testing.
How do they do it it? Well. According to, the program assesses multiple data sets in order to make its determinations. It analyzes information regarding employee activity such as hiring, promotions, relocations, raises and performance review data, and enhances these findings with trends in the industry and region like job postings, shifts in worker demand and standard of living. To read more, click here.