5 artificial intelligence technologies that will dominate in 2020

Published April 23, 2020   |   

Artificial intelligence or as people call it AI technologies are becoming more popular these days.  If several decades ago AI was associated only with robots, now it has shown that it can be used in everyday life, in different industries, etc. It was inevitable that AI technologies will become more common since they are facilitating not just everyday life for people, but are used for more complicated tasks.

The usage of such technologies is expanding each year, plus, a lot of companies are investing in research of IA technologies. There are so many startups that use AI technologies that you can’t even count them. It is estimated that by 2025 the AI industry will reach 118 billion dollars. But for now, let’s check out what technologies might be dominating the market and the world in the year 2020.

Autonomous Things

This is an AI trend that is becoming more popular these years. Autonomous things are all those machines or robots that are performing different tasks without an individual’s guidance. A very simple example is a self-driving car where the driver doesn’t need to control the machine. Instead of the driver, it is AI that is driving the car.

Some people may not have enough trust in such cars yet, but it is probably only a matter of time when these cars will start occupying the market. There are several cases when it was tested and proved that AI operated self-driving cars are even safer than being operated by a human driver. But self-driving cars are not the only example.

Today, NASA is using self-driving machines to explore Mars. It’s a lot safer for humans since they can operate them on distance and getting all the needed intelligence. Such machines can be used in different industries, especially where you need to perform similar tasks. Such a task can be performed by machines without human interference.

Automated Machine Learning

Today, a lot of companies are using Automated Machine Learning and it seems that it will be a trend in 2020. Traditional machine learning requires skills, funding, it takes a lot of time, and there is little guarantee that it would be effective in solving modern-day business problems. Whereas automated machine learning is less-time consuming, less expensive and it requires basic skills to apply it.

Today, one of the most wanted professionals in the machine learning industry is data scientist. But even if a company manages to hire such an expert, machine learning will still require a ton of money and time. Not to mention that data scientists are not the only experts needed in machine learning. Automated machine learning can change that. Of course, any person can’t apply automated machine learning, you need some basic skills, but it will cost a lot less, and it won’t take so much time to perform a task.

So what does automated machine learning is doing? It is combining the most used and convenient practices that are used by the best data scientists. Then these practices or methods are used to make data science a lot easier to access within the company saving a lot of time, effort and funds.

AI In Healthcare

The analysis of people’s health records, historical trends in medicine and medical literature is time-consuming. It takes enormous amounts of time, effort and, of course, money to analyze everything and to figure out the best solution. But AI, in this case, is a game-changer.

Just imagine if AI would be capable of analyzing a patient’s health record and other factors immediately giving the best solution. That is what happened in the case of IBM that used artificial intelligence technologies to analyze cancer diagnoses of more than a thousand patients.

The AI assistant has been analyzing the records of patients, their diagnoses, and nearly 100% of the times, the treatment plan offered by this AI assistant was the same as was suggested by the patient’s doctor. This means that the AI assistant can be used to access faster health treatment. Similar technologies can also be used to prevent and cure other diseases making it a lot easier for patients to gain needed health care procedures.

AI And The Chatbots

Chatbots could be very useful in different industries, but they are especially helpful when it comes to customer service. Most companies have customer service to communicate with clients, fix their problems, answer questions, etc. But if the company is well-known and it has a huge database of clients, it might be difficult for the customer support to answer all the questions and fix every problem of these customers.

The research shows that most requests to customer support are repetitive questions. And here is where the chatbot might help. Instead of hiring even more people to the customer support team so they can answer repetitive questions, companies can start using chatbots for this matter. Chatbots can answer these questions, whereas the support team will have more time to solve the real problems of clients.

If companies start applying these chatbots, they optimize their spending. Chatbots don’t need to eat or sleep, so they can instantly send responses to clients, thus building trust between the company and its clients.

Facial Recognition

Over the past few years, companies have been investing in research in the area of facial recognition. Today, this type of biometric authentication is much more accurate and trusted. The readability of facial recognition has increased profoundly and in 2020 it might become a trend. Combined with artificial intelligence technologies, it is more likely that facial recognition will be even safer so that users can protect their data without fear of someone stealing it.


Today, artificial technology has already given a ton of opportunities for humans. It can be used to facilitate people’s lives, to make sure everyone gets the required healthcare, that the data can be processed faster and with less effort than before. AI technologies can be used in different industries and in everyday life. Some possibilities even seem to be impossible, but as the creation of AI has shown us – nothing is impossible, especially when AI is applied.