As Big Data Evolves, B2B Marketers Focus On Data Management

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Published February 20, 2014   |   
Brian Anderson

The growth of Big Data has not gone unnoticed by B2B marketers. In an annual study from Infogroup Targeting Solutions, 54% of marketers said they have already invested in Big Data. Up to 30% of marketers said they plan to invest in Big Data for the first time in the next two years.

Although Big Data has been a part of the lead generation and nurturing process for quite some time, many B2B marketers are still developing strategies for managing and leveraging the influx of information they are collecting on prospects.

“There is such an abundance of data now, and yet there’s no standard practice, methodologies or systems presenting and quantifying and measuring,” said David Lewis, President and CEO of DemandGen International, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “If you’re a CFO, there are actually published financial standards on how publically held companies should be reporting their finances. But the field of marketing — primarily because there has never been any framework for measuring — lacks any form of standards for reporting.”

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