Why I attend the Crayon Engineering Meetups – and you should too!

Published July 25, 2019   |   

In this blog, I’ll be talking about one of the best and slightly underrated initiatives taken up by the engineers of Crayon.
Every week on Wednesday, the Platform, Product, Shared Services and Customer Success teams get together for an Engineering Meetup. In these meetings, the different teams share new ideas and insights. These meetups are one of the most effective ways to learn and share knowledge across teams.
And when you get to learn during your work hours… then why not?

To attend or not to attend?

I believe that there are two common parameters to piquing anyone’s interest for any meetup. Including the Engineering Meetup. Those parameters usually are the TOPIC being presented and its PRESENTER.
If the topic or the presenter is interesting enough to pull us out of our chairs, we are good to go.
But what are we losing out on, if neither interest us?
Let me share what we can get out of attending these meetups unbiased, irrespective of the topic or the presenter.

For the love of unbiased learning

First of all, in every meetup, you will get to learn how a particular technology is being used or can be used, in the maya.ai world. This means you get to learn about the technology along with its real-world application. How cool is that?!
And if you don’t understand a concept from a session, it’s okay. You’re still not going home empty-handed. You at least know that a SOLUTION LIKE THAT EXISTED and what problem it can solve. There is also an interactive element in each meetup. This makes learning easier. And far more interesting and beneficial.
But what if you know that topic really well? Should you still attend? Yes! I think it still makes sense to attend since it will allow you to see that topic from a different angle. And you can contribute to the discussion!
What’s more each and every session is presented by investing a decent amount of preparation that makes it extremely effective. Trust me, you need to pay thousands of bucks online to get sessions with the same amount of content and quality. Along with the cost of spending extra time.
So, spending 1 hour per week effortlessly can lead you to learn 4 new topics per month and around 50 new topics per year. Not a bad deal!