Banking needs a customer experience wakeup call

Published February 10, 2017   |   

Positive customer experience is channel sensitive, with customers placing a higher weight on digital customer experiences more than physical or call center channels. In fact, in a recent J.D. Power, survey, the largest banking organizations improved in overall customer satisfaction, while midsize banks declined and regional banks plateaued. This was attributed primarily to improved mobile and online satisfaction.

Big banks take the lead in satisfaction for the first time

Yesterday’s demands – including flexibility, efficiency and easy access for customers – have been expanded to include integration of banking activities across multiple channels, personalized service, and recognition of the past, present and future breadth of the customer’s relationship with their financial institution. Going forward, banks and credit unions need to focus most on building an improved digital experience and use it as a competitive differentiator.
“All banks must prioritize UX, design thinking and experience architecture to compete for the future right now. This is a trend that’s only going to advance.” – Brian Sollis

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