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Published June 1, 2022   |   

With effect from June 10, 2022, the website will move to a new domain. Crayon Data’s corporate website,, will host the content as part of their new AI community, Slaves to the Algo (STTA).  

For the past 9 years, Big Data Made Simple (BDMS) has been a leading tech portal in the Big Data, Data Analytics, BI, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science space. Powered by Singapore-based big data start-up Crayon Data, it was launched in 2013 with a vision to build a global community and to create a one-stop comprehensive information resource. It has been named one of the top 50 AI blogs in the world. Almost 500 authors have written over 3000 blog posts. Contributors and subscribers were informed of this change of address in communications that went out earlier in May 2022.  

Our Co-founder and COO, Aarti Ramakrishnan says, “BDMS was sparked by a corridor conversation. And it grew beyond our optimistic estimates!” Since its launch, BDMS has curated and generated content for almost 20 verticals and technologies in the big data landscape. The portal was built on two pillars – discover and exchange. It gave an opportunity to independent writers, thought-leaders, journalists, and business entities to come together under one roof. Its target audience was decision-makers across enterprises, tech start-ups, industry analysts, investors, students, and academicians. Big Data Made Simple also partnered with over 100+ big data events across Europe and US. 

Now, Crayon is taking it one step further with STTA. They are expanding into podcasts, videos, opinion pieces, thought leadership content, and more. The aim is to cater to a wide audience who are looking to learn about the latest in the field, from experts who we otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Plus, this will create more awareness on how AI is currently being used, and the potential it shows for the future.  

In the words of Suresh Shankar, founder, and CEO of Crayon Data, “We don’t attempt to portray our future as either dystopian or utopian. We merely seek to bring the use of data and algorithms more into our conscious thinking selves.” 

Hear from experts across industries, including social tech, sports, F&B, fintech, AI, and more. On the community page, visitors will find a space to indulge their AI obsession. Along with a like-minded tribe of algonauts. Going forward, the site will not be calling for guest bloggers. Instead, it will host content created by Crayon Data’s own AI enthusiasts. 

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