Business or Pleasure? – why not both: The Roadmap to ‘Hadoop in the Cloud’

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Published May 28, 2014   |   
Martijn Linssen

The Twitter ball started rolling again just now. Matt Asay posed an interesting question about Forrester suggesting Hadoop isn’t a great fit for the cloud. (Even) without context Vijay Vijayasankar and I started firing off questions and answers which inevitable led to my promise of writing down the transition plan for it

Here it is
I’ll start bottom-up, from an enterprise perspective, detailing what needs to be done how and why to tackle my biggest beef with #bigdata: 1) getting all that fine data fast enough and neatly fit into that big number cruncher so you can 2) make split-second market-making or -breaking decisions based upon it. I’m betting a fine bottle of wine that Vijay will do at least a slightly better job on no. 2 than I will attempt, just as reassured I am that hardly anyone will be able to contest the solution I’ll propose to no. 1

I ranted on Big Data’s bottleneck over two years ago but didn’t provide much more than some blurry vision on what would fix the problem: it’s all fair and square that you can crunch anything within hours, minutes or even seconds but that defeats the purpose if it takes you days, weeks or even months to input all that into that same number cruncher.

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