Can big data predict the next cyber attack?

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Published May 15, 2014   |   

The battle to secure private data, whether financial information or intellectual property, may be won through big data analysis.

That, at any rate, is what Bob Griffin, cybersecurity firm RSA’s chief security architect, thinks.

“The ability to take massive volumes of information and to get intelligence out of it is going to fundamentally change what we are doing as security professionals,” Griffin told The Jerusalem Post at the annual event of RSA’s parent company EMC in Las Vegas last week.

As technology develops, he said, new areas of security risk emerge, such as how to secure data stored off-site – in the cloud. But so does the ability to track everything from a number of login attempts to how valuable assets are accessed.

Analyzing such information can help raise the alarm in real time when something out of the ordinary is happening, as may be the case in a security breach.

“There are things that we as human intellects have trouble abstracting out of data,” Griffin said. “Big data analysis can say, ‘There are these patterns in the information, the good patterns, and the anomalies.”

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