Comparing social media security: How do they protect your information? [Infographi]

Published May 4, 2018   |   

How is your information protected on social media? Is it protected? These are the questions we’re asking ourselves more and more, especially in the light of high-profile privacy scandals that demonstrate how vulnerable our data really is.
In fact, recent research from the Pew Research Center shows that the majority of Americans don’t trust social media sites; according to their “Americans and Cybersecurity” study, 51 percent of respondents said they’re not confident in the ability of social media websites to protect their data.
Despite waning trust and publicized breaches, we’re still logging in — and giving our information away. To better understand just what data we’re sending to social media providers, and determine how they keep our personal data safe, Varonis looked at the security blogs of three popular social sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Check out the full infographic on social media security below.

Comparing social media security How do they protect your information

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